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How To Commission a Portrait

Commissioning a portrait is a little like buying a tailored suit; sure you are buying an item, but you are also paying for a service. The result of which is that at the end you have a perfect fit; something designed especially for you.

But no-one has to measure your inseam.

Here is how the process works;


I produce my portraits from photographs for both the convenience and the accuracy they afford. These can either be provided by you or they can be taken by myself for a small fee. In order to produce the best finished piece images must be clear with at least one close up – the higher the resolution the better. I will always provide advice and guidance on choosing the best image to work from, so feel free to send as many as you like if you have difficulty choosing!


During the initial consultation phase we will look at the images available and discuss what kind of portrait you have in mind. I will then produce a series of rough sketches to show you the compositional options. Once this has been agreed upon along with the size and price, a 25% deposit is required to secure the commission. (See here for a list of approximate prices).

Paper or Board?

I paint in Oils on either primed high quality watercolour paper or board. Both provide a beautiful smooth surface that is great for detailed work and the main difference between the two is how they look when framed. Works on paper are usually framed behind glass with a card mount, whereas works on board are generally framed as oil paintings more traditionally are, without glass. It is mostly a matter of personal taste, but works on paper are more convenient if they are to be shipped abroad (without a frame naturally). Both paper and board are charged at the same rate.

Creation of the painting

Approximately 4 weeks should be allowed for the completion of the painting once the composition has been agreed. Shorter turn around times are often possible however, so please contact me if this is required and I will always try to accomidate you if possible. Once the portrait is completed a sample image will be sent for your final approval. At this time the full balance of the painting will be due.


Prices listed on this site do not include the cost of framing, but this can be organised for you if you wish, or the work can be delivered unframed so that you can choose a frame yourself. It is important to note that if I organize the framing the time this takes should be added on when calculating when your painting will be ready for collection. In my experience framers usually require 1-2 weeks to frame a painting.


Depending on your location paintings can be either collected from my studio or sent by secure postage. A quote for shipping costs can be organised once the size of the painting, whether it is on paper or board, and whether or not it is to be framed has been decided.


Please contact me if you have any questions.